Small Loans

What is a Small Loan?

FastBucks Small Loan program is available to help families and individuals meet short-term needs for cash. Use the money to catch-up on utility bills, keep your phone turned on, even for birthday gifts – the money is yours to use however you want. If you have a checking account, are currently employed, and have lived at your current residence more than 6 months, you probably qualify to receive a Small Loan from FastBucks!


  • You must have a checking account.
  • You need to be currently employed at the same place for six months or longer.*
  • You need to have been at your current residence for six months or longer.*
  • *Military loans of any kind are expressly not allowed in Nevada, Idaho, Texas and Utah.


Our approval process is based upon verification of the application information you provide. We do not check the major credit bureaus, however we do share information with similar services and will decline you if you have excessive loans or unpaid accounts with our competitors.

Your approval amount will be based upon 1 week of your take home income less any outstanding accounts at our competitors. For military personnel living on base housing, we add $600 to your pay for approval calculation purposes.

Your bank statement for last month must show that at sometime last month the security amount you are writing to us would clear.

Approval amounts may increase as you do business with us based upon your payment habits.

Security Checks

You must leave a security check with us. Should you not satisfy your account, per your loan agreement we will deposit your checks.

What to Bring

  • Your Drivers License
  • Your Checkbook
  • Your LAST pay stub
  • Your LAST Bank Statement (showing all transactions)
  • Your LAST phone bill


Your initial loan period may be from 3 – 21 days.

At the end of your initial loan contract you may discuss your options with the store personnel when you go to the store in person to pay your loan.

Other options are available, see your loan agreement for complete details.